queen band t shirt

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Band Shirt by Daydreamer LA


$ 39


This Queen band tee will rock your wardrobe! You can't go wrong with this simple statement of fandom for one of the best UK bands to ever hit the airwaves. 

This Queen band shirt by Daydreamer LA is an updated version of a classic fan favorite. With the same vintage look and feel you love, updates include more pops of color, all legendary band members’ faces, and a romantic script that calls out Bohemian Rhapsody - the six minute hit that changed the face of music.

This boyfriend tee is loose in all the right places. Featuring an open neckline and slightly dropped sleeves, this light tee is soft and slouchy.

Made from 100% cotton, with a perfect hand feel and worn in look.

Available in sizes S, M and L.

Rep your favorite classic rock icons with this rad Queen band shirt.



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