Meet Jessica of Peepshow Clothing

If you follow Peepshow Clothing on Instagram, you may have already admired Jessica's work.

She’s the brilliant mastermind designer behind her clothing label and she instantly won our hearts with her hand-cut, one of a kind customized pieces.

We teamed up with the fiercely passionate, and insanely talented artist on our latest collab with KISS for a customized band tee and frankly, we couldn’t be more obsessed. 

We sat down with the Las Vegas based beauty to talk inspiration, how it all began and luckily for us she gave us a glimpse into the method behind Peepshow Clothing's fierce style. 


1) How did you start and what did get you into hand cutting designs?

I first started cutting T-Shirts in 2011. I was working two jobs, one as a waitress for 2nd Floor Food-Art-Drinks and clothing retail for Catwalk Boutique which was directly across the street in Huntington Beach. The uniform for working at 2nd Floor was a basic, boxy mens T-Shirt. Them being as cool as they are, gave us permission to cut and redesign our T-Shirts how we pleased. Luckily working at Catwalk Boutique gave me a feel for cutting into T-Shirts because we would do that in the store for beach and party shirts. I instantly fell in love with cutting shirts and I took my love over to 2nd Floor and cut all my own work shirts as well as my fellow co-workers and friends. I started to bring my scissors to work and I would do quick cuts in the service station room before shifts! While working on my shirts they would get a lot of attention from customers, to the point of them asking if they could pay me to cut their shirts, which ultimately was the birth of Peepshow Clothing. 

2) How do you make your customized pieces? Can you tell us a little bit about the creative process? 

To make my items I use mainly only scissors. The only brand I use is Gingher. I have maybe 150 pairs of Gingher scissors. My work area consists of five mannequins each with their own purpose, two sewing machines, long center cutting table, several racks and supply cabinets. Each Peepshow piece that I’ve done has been one of a kind, so each time I design it’s a full-on creative process. Before I start anything I freshen up my work space, light a candle, puff a joint and definitely put on music. Music is key and is chosen by my mood at the time or who I am designing for. I’m usually nervous before starting a piece, but after I start I get over it, it’s like stage fright. Once I’m in the zone my instincts take over and guide me. I’ve definitely put blood, sweat and tears into my work. The creative process is both terrifying and magical, constantly confirming that I’m doing what I’m meant to do. I feel like I can do this for lifetimes, like the possibilities are endless. I’m so incredibly low on the scale of where I want to be. Each day I try to climb higher! 

Alissa White-Gluz

3) Where do you draw your inspirations? 

I strive to surround myself with inspiration in all aspects in life whether it be how I decorate my home, the music I’m currently into, my mood, who I follow on social media, my incredible muses and spirit sisters, I draw from so many places. I want everything I look at to inspire me in some way. Inspiration for my art also comes from music videos, other artists and of course fashion designers and runway shows. When I’m designing for a musician I will surround myself with their work and allow them inspire my direction. Another avenue for inspiration comes from the human anatomy, the shape of a body, the placement of my designing is usually implemented within the curves and open areas of skin. I like to create a flow of shapes and illusions with my designs. If I am cutting directly on the body, then their body shape is my inspiration. Many times the clothing item itself can inspire me if I can see the potential in it. 

4) Peepshow Clothing has collaborated and created customized pieces for artists such as Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. Is there one band or person that you would love to create a custom piece for? 

The people I create for become my muses so this is an exciting question. I love creating for Alissa because she is not only an incredible performer, striking beauty, seen and loved by millions of people, but she’s a powerful advocate for many things I believe to be important. Plus her and I have very similar artistic styles so collaborating on the design is always fun. Then to see the photos of her on stage is such a reward! 

"I’ve definitely put blood, sweat and tears into my work."


Currently the person I’d love to create for would be Halsey. I’ve always loved her music, her style and her all around energy plus it would be fun to create for someone who is a pop star which is something I haven't done.

Arch Enemy | stage clothing

5) If you weren’t a fashion designer what would be you? 

As a naturally artistic person I’ve gravitated towards many other forms of art. Before I created Peepshow Clothing I was searching for my thing, I knew I wanted to do something creative but I didn’t know what it would be. So I tried a lot of things. I worked at a beauty salon thinking maybe I wanted to be a makeup artist or hair stylist, but no. When working at Catwalk Boutique I thought maybe I wanted to be a buyer, stylist, possibly have my own store. I got really in to decorating the front windows and loved it so much I thought maybe I’d become an interior designer and create displays. My mother is a glass artist so growing up I would watch her create incredible glass art pieces and I thought maybe I would follow in her path. If I had the ability to sing I would absolutely be a singer and song writer. I love to create delicious meals, chopping and being in the kitchen has always been calming to me so I thought maybe I wanted to become a chef. So if I wasn’t a fashion designer, I would definitely be doing something else artistic as a profession. Cutting shirts opened me up to the fashion world and once I tapped into it I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. 

6) What’s next for Peepshow Clothing? 

Every day I strive to climb higher with Peepshow Clothing. Ultimately I would love to have a fashion house where me and my team can create gorgeous couture pieces and seasonal collections. How I will get there, not totally sure, baby steps, but the dream is alive and reachable! 

Peepshow Clothing