Meet Photographer Danielle Defoe

On the roster of best and baddest Rock'n'Roll fashion photographer Danielle DeFoe is all the way up there.

We recently caught up with the LA based artist to talk about her inspirations, future plans and one secret that know one knows about her...

When did you realize that you wanted to be a photographer? 

The first known photo I took is a polaroid I have on my wall that I took around 3 years old of my brother and my parents, you can tell I took it because my parents are crouching down to get in the shot cuz I was so small.  My grandmother was a travel photographer as a hobby and documented everything so I probably inherited it from her.  The first time I set foot in a darkroom in high school that really sealed the deal. I love process in life and art.  It’s not really the end result I enjoy as much as the experience and the work you have to do to get there.

A lot of your photos are Rock'n'Roll infused. Where do you draw your inspirations from? 

I was raised on rock n roll, I’ve been to way too many shows to even count or remember my first one.  My dad has been playing guitar since he was 15, he also plays harmonica and piano. I’ve been thinking about this lately, how a lot of times people think the art is the artist. Obviously it comes from us so it is a part of us, but people have an idea of a person or place from an image that isn’t exactly realistic. Romanticism. For instance, Rita Hayworth said she had a hard time in love because men thought she was Gilda.  I know it’s different with acting but I have a few artist friends who feel the same. But not me, my work is completely reflective of my lifestyle.  I think both aspects of art making are interesting. David Bowie was and wasn’t all his personas.  I like that paradox.  I’d eventually like to make work that has a bit of role playing, maybe more feminine, softer, less Rock n Roll, but obviously the inspiration is always drawn from the source within. 

Can you tell us a funny anecdote that happened during one of your shoots?

I’m not going to put people on blast and name names or details, but I’ve had someone show up high on speed. Not funny at the time but makes for great stories later.  A reality show pilot show could have been filmed that day that’s how crazy it was.

What kind of music do you listen to when editing? 

Whatever I’m in the mood for.  I have a very eclectic taste. I listen to stuff from the 1920’s on, same with film, HUGE into film. Music: Jazz, Blues, Old Country, Goth, New Wave, Punk, Post Punk, Ethoiquies, Rock N Roll, Rockabilly, Rap and RnB, Garage Rock, Reggae, Dub, Dark Disco, 70s Disco, Italian Disco, Psychedelic, even some Classic Rock, and Metal, I could keep going. Oh and I love good Pop, no shame, love Sia, Gaga (not current record), Bieber, Rihanna, etc.  Just hit my Spotify if you want, I make a ton of Playlists. 

I’ve been listening to my friend Natalie Bergman’s band Wild Belle lately, all her music is beautiful and completely relatable to me.  


Who would you like to work with most? 

Musician: Allison Mosshart. Been going to every show since I saw her as an opening act over ten years ago in Chicago. In my opinion, only female legend in Rock n Roll currently. Model:  Mariacarla Bosco. She’s unreal and unique, “pretty” isn’t really my thing.  Although I plastered my walls growing up with Christy Turlington’s Calvin Klein ads, same time Kate Moss became big, had her up there too, but Christy was my ideal woman body wise, still is. I love them natural and curvy.  Oh and Justin Bieber, NO SHAME, what a fucking babe, good lord.  Hit me with that smile and charm, done.  

If you could be another person for one day who would it be?

Easy, David Bowie or Kieth Richards.  Lol I just realized I put both options as men. Female I would like to be Ginger Rogers, she could sing, act, dance, was beautiful and she was funny.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about you? 

Haha I was prom queen.  

What's next for you?