Covered in Glitter by Hanna Beth

A certain magic comes with finding a good book; something in the way that it makes you feel afterwards, this book in particular evoked encouragement and inspiration.

When we first heard that LA based model and social media icon Hanna Beth wrote a book about her story we couldn't wait to start reading it.

The dark-haired beauty created her career with her fresh, edgy styling and bold honesty that spawned thousands of followers back in the Myspace days and has been gaining major attention ever since.

In her first book "Covered In Glitter" Hanna Beth tells her honest and moving story about her life and all her battles she had to face growing up in Los Angeles, from being trapped in teenage hell, going through addictions, and how she emerged into the self-made inspiring woman she is today.

This rock'n'roller memoir is written in an honest and encouraging way, by a kick-ass female who despite all her struggles, figured out who she really is, what she wanted and went balls-out to get it.

"No matter how many times you are thrown in the dirt, you most always build yourself back up and come out covered in glitter" -Hanna Beth


We recently caught up Hanna to get the deets on her new book, her biggest challenges writing it, and upcoming plans for 2016.

1. What made you decide to write "Covered In Glitter"?

I started writing Covered In Glitter about two years ago. I always wanted to write a book about my life because a lot of people just know me as this social media girl and I wanted them to see another side of me. I also think it's important for me to share the struggles I have been through so people can relate. I want people to see how you can take anything life throws at you and turn it into inspiration. 

2. What were some of the biggest challenges writing it?

The biggest challenge for me was just finishing the book. I am a perfectionist and I wanted it to be perfect. I kept remembering things I had left out or parts I would want to reword. 

 3. What's your objective for this book and what do you hope your fans and followers will get out of it?

I just want people to know that they are not alone. I want them to be able to relate to me and see how I was able to take my hard times and turn it into something bigger. We can't let our past define who we are. We have to be the person we want to be and know that we can conquer anything. I talk about addiction in my book and I think it's important for my younger fans to see that. It's so easy to fall into addiction when you are younger as an outlet for your emotions. I would always want to cover my feelings with distractions and different forms of release. The release is always temporary and what you have to learn is that you have to deal with your feelings instead of trying to mask them.

4. You've been an style icon for years now. Who or what has provided the most inspiration for you along the way, as you've built your career?

My biggest inspiration is my mom. She always allowed me to be myself and supported anything I wanted to do. She is one of the strongest people I know and she always has my back. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for her. As far as fashion goes Edie Sedgwick, David Bowie and the whole Punk 77 era have always been a big inspiration to me. When I was in high school and discovered the whole punk movement, it gave me a sense of purpose. In a way, punk saved my life. It wasn't just about the fashion, but it made me feel like I belonged. I was so invested in it and it was the first time I truly fell in love with fashion. 

5. Can you tell us what’s next for Hanna Beth?

This is going to be a crazy year. I am starting my job as the DVF ambassador, designing a collaboration with Skull Cashmere, launching a brand called "You + Me" I designed with my boyfriend & lot's of other random projects. I like staying busy, it keeps me focused. I really want to go back to Tokyo at some point this year, it's my favorite place in the world. Being in Tokyo is like being inside a crazy virtual cartoon universe, I love it. 

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