Meet Rock'n'Roll Offspring Jade

Meet our new muse and Rock'n'Roll offspring Jade, who has taken the modeling world by storm, and is also the new face of our November Reign campaign. The Cali based beauty is putting a spin on rock culture with her unique childhood, gorgeous looks and totally down-to-earth attitude.

Recently we caught up with Jade, who in our opinion is a rockstar in her own right, to chat about her modeling career, her day-time job as a princess and what it was like to grew up with a dad being on the road with Guns'n'Roses.

When did you start and what did get you into modeling?

Modeling actually came about as a by-product of acting! I performed with theater companies all over Southern California beginning at age 5. When I was 13, I decided to begin pursuing television and film, making my first professional photoshoot for head shots. Through the years, I began to realize that I enjoyed modeling more than being on film and TV sets and as of the past year have been focused exclusively on print, commercial acting, & live performance!

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day always starts with coffee, giving my mini poodle, Alice, cuddles, and answering emails. What comes next differs day to day! You can catch me going to castings or visiting with my agents in Hollywood, going to improv class, at photoshoots, or being a princess. (No, really, I’m a princess. I work for a premiere event company playing many classic Disney princesses at events :D.)

Growing up, what was it like having a father in the music industry?

It was crazy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Sometimes it was difficult having a Dad popping in and out. It was, and still is, always an adjustment period when he comes home and then once again when he leaves. But my Dad and I have a really close relationship; we talk all the time. And on the flip side, having a father in the music industry has given me a lot of opportunities most people my age don’t get to experience! I’ve got to travel. I’ve got to meet famous people. I’ve got to see a lot of concerts. It’s my family's unique rock n roll life & I love it!

How did Rock'n'Roll influence your today's life and style?

Rock n roll is all I know! I grew up playing hide and seek on tour buses and eating dinner on road cases. It has instilled in me a natural gravitation to all things leathered, studded, & black as well as an adoration for anything of the macabre. One of my favorite things I took away from growing up rock n roll though, would have to be getting to watch my parents have a faithful, loving relationship. Their example and how they have managed a marriage for over 25 years despite touring has served as a blue print for my relationship! I have been with a touring lead guitarist for a year and a half and I always joke that Kevin (my shreddin’ man) that “I’m the best girl for the job”. I guess you could say that rock n roll didn’t influence my life, it is my life.

What was your first concert?

My first concert was Guns N Roses during the Use Your Illusion era. I was five months old! My Mom took me down to the show in a home made t-shirt that said “Guns N Rose - World Tour” on it and my Dad had my first backstage pass waiting for me at the venue.

If your friends could describe you in 3 words, what would they say:

Intelligent, Charming, Witty

What’s your favorite outfit this fall?

My favorite things this fall are anything drapey & witchy. I have several dark kimonos and vests that really are more like “capes”. So comfy on top of being so cute!

Who are your biggest style icons?

I don’t get inspiration from specific icons as much as from moods and entire generations and lifestyles. What I wear changes day to day and can be anything from rocker chic to gypsy boho to 90s punk. One thing is certain however, there is bound to be lots of black!

A pretty attitude:

A “pretty attitude” is everything. And I don’t mean being a fierce model who can serve some serious face. I guess I should say, HAVING a “pretty attitude” is everything. In today’s world, it is encouraged to be a “bad ass bitch” and be tunnel visioned on the “me” and have the mentality of getting to the top regardless of who you have to trample on to get there. That’s not the woman I want to be. Humility, honesty, courtesy, and integrity are lost ideals in today’s world that really are the key to success and happiness. Be true to self. Have courage. Be kind. That’s a “Pretty Attitude”.

What is next for Jade?

I am so excited to continue working with my amazing team at Bella Agency, being a working model and live performer in LA! I am truly living the dream & I thank God every day for my blessings, that I get to do what I love. Keep an eye out, this is just the beginning! LIVE FOR TODAY. Love & warmest regards - JE <3