Ornamental Goth / Tattoo Art Liner Look

With Halloween approaching fast there’s no better time to gain inspiration from one of our favorite muses and makeup artists Gina Frey. She created a killer look, which we may or may not be rocking long after Halloween is over...


Hi guys!

I’m so excited to finally be dabbling in the world of makeup tutorials! This is my first attempt at describing and documenting how I go about executing a look in blog format, so I hope I made this both doable and fun. I was really inspired by the jewelry in the Black Label line you carry, specifically the Tattoo Art necklace! I love the delicate ornamental and lace choker pieces also, so I wanted to try to emulate that look and feel by executing a floating cut crease ornamental liner! This is cute for Halloween because it is super gothic and dramatic, (it WILL draw attention!) and doesn’t require a costume but can also be cool for dark priestesses and bad chicks alike year round!

I. Santize, Prep & Prime

Begin with hand sanitizer! Always clean your hands before working with your skin to avoid breakouts. Apply your moisturizer generously to a clean face, working it in using circular motions. Follow up with the makeup primer of your choice to prep the skin for makeup and provide the foundation a base to adhere to in order to ensure long wear! If your primer has any oil controlling properties, focus the product at the T zone and blend outward.

II. Foundation, Conceal & Set!

Follow up with your foundation, blending it in with a brush or a damp beauty blender. After you have applied a veil of foundation all over the face to even out skin tone, look to see if any pesky blemishes or areas of redness are still visible. You can use clean fingers (best to use the ring finger, it is your weakest finger and will be the most gentle for patting product into the skin!) or a fluffy brush (ie. MAC #217) to then add concealer to areas that still need a little extra help post foundation. Because this look is mostly based upon the eyes, I will also add in a natural blush, crème contour, and soft highlight later on.

III. Prep and Prime Eyes

Apply a clear or neutral nude eye base all over the eye. Be sure to cover from the base of the lashes all the way up to the brow in order to neutralize any discoloration on the eye and cover up vessels. Primers also work to help colors come up brighter and more true to color, while also locking eye shadow and liner in place for all day wear. Typically, primers also deter oil production on the lids, preventing shadows from creasing.

IV. Blank it Out!

Because this look is really all about the liner, I really just wanted to even out the skin tone on my eyelid, so on top of the MAC Soft Ochre primer I applied this nude shade Vanilla Bean from Makeup Geek Cosmetics all over my eye from my lashes all the way up to the brow bone. Following, I filled in my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Palette in shade Taupe.

V. Floating Crease

I find usually that this is the most intimidating part of the look, but don’t be scared! Using a disposable liner brush (I like these because they are always fresh and sharp unlike reusable liner brushes, which tend to fray over time with use as you wash them) create a line of gel liner directly above your crease. I usually like to look straight on in the mirror so I can observe how my eye folds into my socket, and I place my line about a millimeter above my crease so that when my eye moves around, the line stays put.

Beginning in the inner corner and using small strokes makes this part a lot more manageable. As you near the outer third of the eye, extend the line upward and out, as if you were going to connect it to the tail of your brow. Be careful, go slow, and continue to step back and check yourself for symmetry! If you mess up, don’t worry! We will be tidying up any smudges or thickness at the end with concealer!

VVI. Wing it out, wing it out!

To add definition to the eyes, go in with your black gel and create a winged liner look! There are tons of detailed tutorials online on how to do this; but one of my best tips is to go underneath the base of the wing with concealer when you’re done to really keep your wing looking clean and sharp!

VII. Apple of my Eye!

To begin the ornamental theme, I looked at the center and top of the Tattoo Art necklace, which had this almost kings crown or apple shaped feature. Start by drawing a round heart shape beginning at the base of your floating crease. Like an apple, add a stem and some leaves. Finish the centerpiece by drawing a line straight through the center of the heart, and then cross it like a t! Because we are working so small, things don’t have to be perfect! The overall

look will read just fine so don’t worry if your halves are uneven or if you smudge a bit. From the base of the apple, use the momentum in the bristles of the liner brush to draw out some rounded tapered swirls on either side to frame your apple.

 VIII. Swirls on Swirls on Swirls!

On the outer third I added another swirl that faces the same direction as theornament that extends from the base of our apple. I added little pricklyextensions onto the swirls, like thorns on a stem in order to mimic the look ofthe necklace. This is really up to your discretion, you can add, dots, swirls,and circles as you see fit. As long as things are tapered and curved, you will get the ornamental effect.

IX. Dots, sprigs, and thorns!

I added in a little sprig on the inner third, and kept playing with the swirl on the outer third, added in some dots for accents!

X. Lashes and Lips

After I finished my liner, I curled my lashes, added water proof mascara and topped with some false lashes from True or False. Due to the fact that the eyes are quite a spectacle, I kept the lips neutral and nude with Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in ‘undressed.’

XI. Doe Eyes!

To amp up the drama and give a little doe eyed effect, I added NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk to my waterline and then shaded between my bottom lashes with Makeup Geek’s black eye shadow, ‘corrupt.’ I also added another accent under the base of the winged liner.

XII Fin'!

Let your hair down and enjoy! don't forget to set the makeup with a setting spray to help ensure it doesn't smudge or budge!