Meet Nikia of Madmavenstyle

Nikia (a.k.a. Madmavenstyle) was a total no-brainer for our this month's favorite blogger feature. We’ve been totally crushing on her blog for a while, so we just had to find out what she’s into besides putting together killer outfits:

When did you start and what did get you into blogging?
I pretty much started blogging the beginning of this year, but to be completely honest, I have always been a style blogger at heart. My whole adult life I have been a freelance fashion stylist, and have modeled here and there, and since I have never been considered “tall enough” for modeling, I decided at the beginning of 2015 to take matters into my own hands. I decided to add the three things I do best into one… styling, modeling, and social media. Pr has always been a natural talent of mine as well, so that also helps in what I do. For me style blogging isn’t about who is wearing the most expensive brand in front of the most unique looking wall, it’s about having fun, taking chances, and showing the world that you don’t have to spend a life savings on a purse. Spend that life savings on 15-20 new full outfits, style them accordingly, and make art of it. My body is my canvas.

What's a typical day like for you?
A typical day for MADMAVENSTYLE, I wake up at about 8AM every morning, lay in bed till about 10AM catching up on emails, social media, news, etc. I get up, get dressed, feed my dogs Apollo and Hermes, walk to Nature Well and eat an Acai Bowl, which mind you are the BEST ever! Then usually depending on if I have a shoot or not, I’ll gather outfits for shoots. My days pretty much consist of being on my phone or computer and eating food. I try to work out when I can. My favorite workout at the moment is Corepower Yoga, SO good, check em out. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend Mark. He’s the sweetest man, we like to adventure a lot. Day to day it’s pretty much emails, food, dogs, boyfriend, shoots, sleep, repeat. Occasionally you will find me at my favorite LA bars Dirty Laundry, No Vacancy, or Melrose Umbrella Company.

How would you describe your style?
My style? Oh, man… i’m all over the place. It really depends on the day and my mood. You can usually catch me in something flowy and easy to wear i.e. jumpsuits, long skirts, maxi dresses. I will always, I mean ALWAYS have these items on me, My rings, a lipstick of some sort usually a Lime Crime Velvetine color. You will more often than not catch me wearing one of my many statement hats, usually my Gladys Tamez Millinery hats. I have a teal one that is one with my soul. I also love chunky statement piece necklaces for a good one, check out BCP Jewelry her stuff is magical! I truly believe a statement necklace can transform any dull outfit into something chic and fabulous on a dime. I love a good chunky heel, and ankle boots as well for some super cute shoes, check out Grey City Shoes. They have a wonderful line. You will never see me without my nails done as well. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear and the shape their nails are in. Haha! Pampered Hands on Melrose in LA is great!

The album you could listen to on repeat forever…
Can I only pick one? I have a few…. I’ll name them all. Jeff Buckley “Grace” my favorite song ‘Last Goodbye’ was my first tattoo on my right inner bicep. Garden State Soundtrack (That album changed my entire world), and probably James Blake “Overgrown” my favorite song is ‘Retrograde’. Those are the albums I pretty much cannot currently live without.

What’s a summer trend you’re currently obsessing over? 
A Summer trend I’m obsessing over right now is platinum blonde hair, pastel hair colors, bold lipstick, and 90’s fashion. I just can’t seem to get enough, I consider myself a 90’s child through and through. Thanks to my two older sisters.

Your favorite vacation spot?
Honestly, my favorite vacation spot is anywhere with a warm beach. White sand, clear water and silence are the only things I need to kick back and relax. If i’m just getting away for a short escape definitely Palm Springs. My boyfriend and I love staying at Sparrows Lodge it’s a perfect little retreat away from all of the partying.

What three items would you bring with you to a deserted island?
My boyfriend, My iPhone (wifi included), and my dogs.

What’s next for MADMAVENSTYLE?
I couldn’t really predict what exactly comes next, but I can assure you I will not be slowing down. More shoots, more magazine features, I just shot for Elle Girl Japan magazine, and Nylon Japan twice. So those should be out soon. I guess you can expect a line of some sort. Design has always been in my blood, whether it be jewelry or clothing. So keep those peepers peeled.