Meet Lauren Calaway

In case you haven’t noticed, we just can’t get enough of our purple-haired beauty and the model behind our latest swimwear lookbook Lauren Calaway. The Texas born super-girl does not only take some of the coolest shots we’ve ever seen, she is also a professional fire dancer. She’s constantly working and posting pictures to her blog—then jetting off for another photoshoot.So, naturally we needed to know all about Lauren's ultimate beauty secret, her future (hair color) plans and what happened this one time during a photoshoot in the desert.

The color of your hair is always a big buzz on Instagram, we're dying to know, how do you keep your hair color so vibrant? 
There are many secrets to maintaining candy colored hair. You should use cold water to wash your hair, stay away from hot tools, wash your hair as little as possible, and even use sulfate and paraben free shampoo/conditioner.

What's your biggest beauty secret?
Take care of your skin!! Always wear sunscreen and it is never to early to use anti-aging products. It will make all the difference in the world if you start taking care of your skin at a young age.

We really love your purple hair. Who or what was the most influential for dying your hair purple?
Actually, my followers were the source of my inspiration. I am attracted to so many colors and I turned to them for a vote. In the end, they chose lavender so I went with it. So glad they made that choice because I have loved it so much!

What big trends do you see emerging for hair this summer?
I am hoping to see lots of cute but simple updos. I have a ton of hair and nothing feels better in summer than getting it off your neck. Also, for my candy colored ladies, I hope to see brighter colors!

Your shoots for Pretty Attitude always look like a lot of fun. Any anecdotes?
Well, there was this one time in the desert. We had driven hours upon hours to get to this location, and once we got there this crazy wind storm picked up. We kept trying to shoot while being pelted with sand and wind. Despite the conditions, we wanted to shoot more so we thought it would be best to move locations. Quickly we picked at a spot and pulled over. Snap snap, we get some great shots and head back to the car. What we failed to notice was how deep the sand was at that spot. Our car was stuck…in the desert…in the middle of nowhere. We tried everything to get it out. Luckily, in a little while, a family drove by and helped us push it out. We are soooo lucky they happened to want to be in the middle of nowhere at the same time we did. While this may seem like a rough story, it is one that has always stuck with us and we laugh about it all the time. Sometimes the roughest adventures end up being the most fun.

You recently opened up on your blog about your life story. What's the secret for always keeping a "pretty attitude?"
Life won't always be sunshine and rainbows, but it always won't always be dark and tumultuous. It is a roller coaster with many ups and downs. You must always keep hope that things will get better and to stay on the ride. Life always has a way of surprising you, and when you are at your lowest of lows the only way to go is up.

What's the next big adventure for Lauren?
I am actually going to be changing my hair again, this time to a blueish turquoise. I have missed it so much and hope it will be so much brighter this time. Also, in September, I will be getting married.*yay* Other than that, I am going to see where life takes me and keep working hard at what I do.