Girls who rock: Megan Massacre

2015 is finally here, which means a fresh start on everything: new clothes, new goals, new plans.

To get into the spirit of reinvention, one of our biggest inspirations for the new year is the always amazing Megan Massacre.

We don’t know what we love more about the New York based tattoo artist and model: her large-scale of colorful and energetic artworks, her unique brand of style, or her charming personality that is reflecting in the passion she puts into all her art forms. Yet the main reason she’s such an inspiration to us is her you-can-do-anything attitude:

Today being best known for her works at the TV shows "America's Worst Tattoos" and "NY Ink.", Megan knows all about the kind of obstacles that can happen when pursuing your dream at first. When she was 14 years old she first approached a local tattoo studio to apply for an apprenticeship, but had to back down when she heard that she would have to invest $4,000 for this job. Four years later she got challenged to draw a picture at another tattoo studio. Megan recognized the opportunity, took the challenge and walked out with a new job as a tattoo apprentice.

Lucky for us all Megan recently took some time out of her busy schedule for another Pretty Attitude photo shoot.

The laid-back beauty teamed up with her good bud Michelle Star, the master behind our oh-so-amazing photos here, for a wickedly awesome shoot with some of our new favorites.

Check out more pics of Megan and Michelle's magical sesh below, and let's see what's in store for us for 2015: