Meet Vanessa!

If you were intrigued by the multi-colored-hair cutie from our Moto Jacket Lookbook, you weren’t alone. We wanted to find out more about the gal behind this killer pink studded jacket, so we did just that. World, meet Vanessa!

Where is your hometown:
Denver, CO, USA

What is your favorite Song:
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy

Couldn't live a day without:
Music or film.

If you could be another person for one day who would it be?
Milla Jovovich or Quentin Tarantino. Maybe half a day as each person!

What are the biggest inspirations for your style?
Punk, paired colors, horror.

Not many people know I
... Can do the splits!

What do you want to do in five years from now?
Have a successful band that's touring the world! Or directing horror flicks! I just want to be a female Rob Zombie within 5 years ha ha

A pretty attitude:
A strong idea of who you are and what you want in life. Leave behind an eclectic catalog of yourself.

Vanessa's faves: