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About Us

Pretty attitude is a Rock’n’Roll inspired online fashion destination for extraordinary girls who love to express their own personality with unique looks.

Featuring two labels, our dark moonchild Goth inspired Black Label and our wild and vintage style infused White Label, Pretty Attitude is offering a unique selection of clothes, accessories and home decor for a lifestyle lived with a sense of adventure and Rock’n’Roll soul.

It's a Pretty Attitude!

For us a pretty attitude means to live your passion on a daily basis, to dare to be yourself and to live your life your own way.

Our girls have an intriguing and audacious sense of style. They are independent and confident to make their dreams come true.

We are our customers

To find you the pretty attitude look we search high and low all over the world with exceptional accuracy and great passion to offer you a unique collection that can't be found elsewhere.

Knowing of the diversities and varieties life entails we divided our store into two sections, a BLACK LABEL and a WHITE LABEL.

Our Black Label is everything sexy and Rock'n'Roll representing a collection that is extravagant though classy at a time. Our White Label is wild and vintage style inspired reflecting the seasonal colors in an edgy way.

Are you curious?

Simply click on our BLACK LABEL and WHITE LABEL and explore the looks, chat with us on Facebook and Twitter or just stop by for a style inspiration.
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Make your life the greatest story ever told

Inspired by our many travels, the amazing people we've met, our love to music and it's extraordinary style and above all our preeminently life‐long friendship we started Pretty Attitude with the idea in our minds to turn our passion into a living. Always on the hunt for unique items, that we could not find in ordinary stores has led us to the vision to create an online destination for all the special ladies out there who are ready to accessorize their lives and looks with extraordinary pieces that can't be found elsewhere.

What started in 2011 with lots of fun, excitement and a small collection of hand picked jewelry designs Pretty Attitude has now emerged to an international rock fashion brand bringing extraordinary designs and styles to rock wardrobes all over the world.

We have ever since assembled an amazing creative team who support us in elevating a business that we love to work for every single day.
So on a daily basis we continue what we do best to inspire and to be inspired by all the ladies out there who rock their lives… with a PRETTY ATTITUDE!